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Our Responsibilities

To our Employees

We treat employees fairly and equally. We train and develop our employees. We communicate regularly and fully with our employees and listen to and act on their views. We encourage diversity in the workplace. We protect our employees’ well-being through the application of a rigorous health and safety policy. We invest in training, solicit employees’ opinions and ensure we have channels for feedback and communications which are open to all of us. Our terms and conditions as well as our pay rates are inline with  the industry standards. All these combine to produce a retention rate which is significantly better than most.

To our Clients

We are open and honest in our dealings. We do not employ aggressive selling techniques. We listen to clients’ ideas and concerns. We address any complaints promptly and fully.

To our suppliers

We choose suppliers of products and services who are near to our sites, to support the local business community and to reduce the energy used in making visits and deliveries. We treat our suppliers fairly, for example by paying them promptly and not pressuring them to squeeze margins. We expect our suppliers to have an environment policy.


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